What is Cryptolocker?

If you are not already aware or have not fallen to victim, Cryptolocker is a form of malware that encrypts files/company data on the victim’s computer & servers then holds them to ransom. The new version of Cryptolocker targeting Australians and is demanding ransoms anywhere between  $400- $1500 AUD

Latest Cryptolocker Virus

How it infects?

There are many different ways Crypo can inject itself into your network, most reported forms are via email. The emails have been manufactured to look official and usually from an organization with big importance & urgency for attention. for example view the below mock up emails.

Latest Cryptolocker Virus

Latest Cryptolocker Virus

How to Prevent?

There is no solid way to prevent Crypto 100% as there really isn’t with any other Malware, best steps would be to ensure you have working backups, Webroot antivirus has a strong success rate to protect you against infection. If you are a Welkin IT client this will be constantly monitored to ensure the best results.

What to do if you become infected?

Usually people will notice they are infected when they simply cant open files either from their server or locally, you will then notice that some files will have some weird naming conventions in the extensions of the file name, at this point it is urged to immediately turn off all computers and servers, this will prevent further encryption and minimize resolution times.

You should then advise us that you have taken these steps for us to further correct the issue as fast as possible.